Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PS Skills Continued: Advanced Selection Tools

Hello Students,

Today we continue our photoshop practice, the main tool in our CS5 arsenal.  It is important to understand and become familiar with the selection tools. Work through the tutorial below and then you can begin your this photoshop assignment, the juxtaposition assignment.

Photoshop Selection Tools Tutorial

Juxtaposition Collage
A collage is a work of art created by combining different imagery for different sources. Your assignment challenge is to create a collage from different photographic sources to convey the concept of Juxtaposition. Use the selection tools in photoshop to combine different images, you can use other tools like the eraser tool to blend two photo's together.


 - Your image must be created in Photoshop at a size of 10"X8" with a resolution of 72 DPI.
 - You must have a minimum of 6 objects you have cut out and composed.
 - Your design must adhere to the concept of Juxtaposition, the arrangement of conflicting elements, ideas or concepts. Such as a car driving on water, or football players in the antarctic, or penguins in outer space.

This assignment is due on thursday. When you are finished post your results to your blog.

Have fun!

- Mr.W