Thursday, September 1, 2011

Computer Setup, Photoshop Exercise and Tutorials

Hello Students,

There are a few items we need to complete today, your task list is below:
  • Turn your computer on, login username and passwords are located on whiteboard.
  • Create a file directory for yourself, either on the desktop or in the documents folder.
  • Create a shortcut to this directory and place it on the desktop for easy and quick access.
  • Remember to save each project in its own folder from now on.

Now that your computer is set up and you have a place to save files, lets start with an excercise! Watch me demonstrate the exercise below and then try for yourself.

Below is a map of the PSD Tool bar and what each tool does. Open an image and try each tool to see what it does.

  • Take 10 minutes and browse the photos at
  • Find a photo that you like and want to work with, save it to your file directory by right-clicking on the image, create a new folder called "PSD Excercise 1" for this project.
  • Open the file in Photoshop.
  • Apply an artistic filter of your choice or alter the saturation, contrast, color etc. Show me what you can do!
  • Download 2 more photos and repeat the process, change your filter or color adjustments, strive for a dramatic effect.
  • Use the text tool to add your first initial and last name to the bottom right of your photos.
  • Save your file as "firstnamehere_excrcse_1_A" for the first photo, and then change A to B and then C for the next two photos.
  • Write a small paragraph to tell me how you altered the photographs.
- When complete, email your 3 images and writing exercise to 
- Make sure you put the name of the project into your email subject and always sign your email with your full name

When you finish that exercise, try one of these tutorials for clever photoshop beginners:

- Mr.Wilson