Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Assignment - Pixel Art Icons

Students, you new assignment is to create 2 icons. I recommend using the pencil tool and paintbucket tool for this assignment. You can draw/trace your icon art from an image or create original art. Your artwork must be made with aliased pixels, so avoid any soft-edged tools like the paintbrush or any soft brush settings. The pencil tool is the best to use for this project, as it draws only hard-edged pixels.

Your assignment specifications:

  • You must draw the icon art using non-contiguous pixels (otherwise known as aliased pixels)
  • You must create 1 icon at 64X64 pixels
  • You must create 1 icon at 32x32 pixels

When you are complete you may post your results to your blog. Check out the icon art from last semester: This is due at end of class today...

Ok, Have fun!

- Mr. W