Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Research and Assessment with Career Locker

Career Development Assignment: Career Locker
Students, you can use Career Locker to develop a resume, research careers and salaries and complete assessments. Your follow up assignment to your resume and list of references is to complete the personal globe inventory on Then research 3 different jobs and write about the details and results on your blog.

Sign Up and Complete Personal Globe Inventory Assessment:

Enter Registration Code scc-c846

Enter your personal information

Enter your Grade and Gender. For Group, select Wilson and any other ROP instructors you have

Agree to terms

Select "Assessments"

Select "Personal Globe Inventory"

Answer all the questions in the assessment

Analyze the results...

Job Research:
Click on the "Occupations" tab and click on "Browse Occupations"

Search for a job title, something your would be interested in. Research 3 jobs and write about why you would be interested in that job. Tell me information about the job such as:

  1. Job Title
  2. Job Description
  3. Job Activities
  4. Education Needed
  5. Career Pathway
  6. Salary Range

Post your 3 job research results to your blog... be thorough!

 - Mr. W