Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Assignment: Vector Skills - Sugar Skull Tutorial

Follow this Multi-Step Tutorial to create your own Sugar Skull design. This tutorial will teach you how to make geometric patterns, how to use masks, color and patterns in adobe illustrator. Use the skills you have developed to make your Skull design unique and eye catching. Read the requirements below:

- Your design must be created in Illustrator on Letter size (8 1/2 inches wide by 11 inches tall).
- Your design must be colored using limited colors, 3 colors maximum (black and white count, my skull below uses blue, orange and white only).

You will have 3 days of lab time to complete this tutorial. Any work turned in late will have points deducted. Failure to meet the above specifications will result in point deduction. The deadline is Tuesday at end of class.

Below is my own sugar skull design, I followed the tutorial but made subtle changes to the shapes. Think of all the different themes we can draw shapes from. I used diamonds instead of teardrops for instance. Make your skull look unique.

Mr. Wilsons sugar skull design, 3 colors, diamond patterns...
Examples from previous students sugar skull designs

Have fun! - Mr. W