Sunday, May 8, 2016

Web Development Group Project Part 2

Hello Students,
For the 2nd day of our group project, the teams must propose and agree upon a unified platform for the development of our websites. Each team must take a turn proposing a platform or approach and argue why. Teams must vote and choose a platform democratically. Other deliverables are to be achieved today as listed below.

Step 1 - Choose A Platform:
Each team should meet to discuss before proposing their platform of choice.
  • Each team gets a turn proposing a platform for development, platform must be mobile ready, easy to use, stable and appropriate for our small scale web site, boostrap, foundation, w3c.css are to be considered
  • Teams must vote, each team member gets 1 vote, tally votes on whiteboard
  • Upon vote completion, teams focus on next phase
Step 2 - Choose A School:
We will develop sites for Santa Cruz HS, Harbor HS and Soquel HS. Teams may randomly assign schools to teams with numbers in a hat method. Alternatively, teams can nominate themselves for a school with approval from team members

Step 3 - Identify Key Resources:
Team leads should research templates for our sites, team members should identify the information and assets listed below. Focus on meeting deliverables listed:

  • Team Leads:
    • Identify a simple, straightforward and easily modifiable template for site development, propose and explore options
    • Alternatively, explore development of an original layout/design 
    • Decide on a path by end of day

  • Team Members:
    • Identify these resources and assets needed for your school website:
      • School colors in Hexcode
      • School colors in RGB values
      • Find/Download School Logos in high resolution/good quality