Monday, March 7, 2016

Advancing Your Web Skills: Layout and Responsive Design

Hello Students,
Our newest assignment is to create a progression of small web pages that demonstrate layout, responsiveness and then utilize W3C CSS to enhance the responsiveness of your page, and finally complete a single page utilizing all the W3C CSS tools to make a page with layout that is responsive, meaning it can be viewed on many different screen sizes

Work with the class, or read and work independently and develop 4 single pages, demonstrating layout, responsiveness, responsiveness with layout, and finally a full W3C CSS page:

1: Layout with HTML and CSS: W3Schools - HTML Layout

This page utilizes HTML and CSS to layout elements using the Header, Nav, Aside,  Section and Footer classes

2: Responsiveness with HTML and CSS: W3Schools - Responsive Design

This sample site uses simple block classes to "stack" elements when the screen is resized

3: Responsive Page Enhanced With W3C.CSS: W3C.CSS

Building off the previous page the block classes are replaced with the w3-container, w3-row-padding and w3-third classes for enhanced responsiveness

4: Full W3C.CSS Layout and Responsive Page: W3C.CSS Sample

This page utilizes many of the W3C.CSS features such as Header, navbar, drop down, card and container W3C.CSS features.

When these pages are complete upload them to your server space for testing or turn in via USB drive.

- Mr.W