Friday, December 2, 2011

New Assignment - Modify A Website With CSS

Hello Students,
Your next CSS assignment is to modify an already existing website that you have created previously with CSS. Your project details are below:

CSS Modify Assignment:

  • Create a copy of one of your prior handbuilt HTML website projects. This could either be your "Job Hunting" website or the "Mini" website project we did back in early September. Just make sure it is an HTML driven site and wasn't created with the Photoshop to Dreamweaver process.
  • Open the HTML file and make a list of all the HTML tags it contains, like paragraph tags, header tags, list tags etc...
  • Create a CSS file that modifies your HTML tags. Make a link to the CSS file in your HTML document.
  • Create new or modify your CSS so that each page of your website has a unique design, so different fonts, colors, sizes etc for each page. 
  • Make 4 different CSS scripts for the 4 pages of your website.
  • When testing your HTML site, each page should have a unique look from the CSS file.
  • When complete zip up your HTML, CSS, and any other files that go along with your website and email to me.
Due at end of class Monday...

- Mr.W