Friday, November 4, 2011

New Assignment: Triptych

Hello Students,

Your new assignment is to create a triptych illustration. The challenge is to tell me about yourself with 3 images. You will create original artwork from a photograph using the pen/pencil tool in illustrator and then color the image using a color harmony method. For my artwork I used a tetradic set of colors.

Assignment Specifications:
  • Think of three images that tell me who you are and what your interests are.
  • Create your artwork on an 11"X17" document
  • Use the pencil tool, pen tool or livetrace feature in Illustrator to create your artwork.
  • Color your artwork using one of your color harmony methods.
  • Create a triple layout and post to your blog.
  • This should be a nice piece to show off in your final portfolio, keep the images simple but powerful.

- Mr. W