Saturday, August 13, 2011

Welcome Spring Semester Students

Hello Students,

Welcome to the beginning of your ROP Web Design class here at Santa Cruz High School. 

I am your instructor, Seth Wilson. I have been working in the creative industry since 1996 and
continue to develop world class motion graphics projects, illustration and design. See my work
at my personal portfolio website:

All students will be given a syllabus, this must be reviewed with a parent or guardian and signed
and returned in 5 days.

Materials: Each student have a USB thumbdrive of at least 4GB capacity for transferring files and storing artwork.

I also request that each student has a notebook for use during class, taking notes on operational procedures, lectures, videos, etc... is crucial. Students are often asked to write short response papers, write proposals or sketch ideas. Sketching, exploration and brain-storming skills are crucial to design.

This Week: Adobe CS5 Suite Introduction