Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Explore Programming Languages with Code Academy

Hello Students,
In this modern tech industry having a well rounded skill set in web design and programming languages is incredibly important to staying in demand. HTML and CSS are just the first components to creating websites that are compelling, interactive and intuitive. In this project you will explore other languages, complete 3 programming goals and complete one entire lesson in the language of your choice.

A gifted mathematician, Ada Lovelace is considered to have written instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800s
Web Programming Language Exploration Project:
  • Log into Code Academy and find the language skills section
  • Complete the "Introduction to Javascript" and "Choose your own Adventure" modules
  • Complete the "Introducing JQuery" module
  • Complete the "Introduction to PHP" module
  • Complete the "Python Syntax" and "Tip Calculator" modules
  • Complete the "Introduction to Ruby" and "Putting the Form in Formatter" modules
When you have completed these modules, navigate to the GOALS section and complete these 3 modules:
  • Animate Your Name
  • About You
  • Sun, Earth and Code
When you have completed the GOALS modules, you must choose on of the languages and complete its entire module, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, Python or Ruby.

Have fun! All progress should be complete by the 9th!

- Mr.W

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Web Development Group Project Phase 3

Hello Students,
For our next phase we begin laying out the structure of our websites. Use the flowchart below as a rough guide for the layout and arrangement of our elements. Use place holder information and images for now until we have all the content available.

Flow Chart for Website Development:
- Mr.W

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Web Development Group Project Part 2

Hello Students,
For the 2nd day of our group project, the teams must propose and agree upon a unified platform for the development of our websites. Each team must take a turn proposing a platform or approach and argue why. Teams must vote and choose a platform democratically. Other deliverables are to be achieved today as listed below.

Step 1 - Choose A Platform:
Each team should meet to discuss before proposing their platform of choice.
  • Each team gets a turn proposing a platform for development, platform must be mobile ready, easy to use, stable and appropriate for our small scale web site, boostrap, foundation, w3c.css are to be considered
  • Teams must vote, each team member gets 1 vote, tally votes on whiteboard
  • Upon vote completion, teams focus on next phase
Step 2 - Choose A School:
We will develop sites for Santa Cruz HS, Harbor HS and Soquel HS. Teams may randomly assign schools to teams with numbers in a hat method. Alternatively, teams can nominate themselves for a school with approval from team members

Step 3 - Identify Key Resources:
Team leads should research templates for our sites, team members should identify the information and assets listed below. Focus on meeting deliverables listed:

  • Team Leads:
    • Identify a simple, straightforward and easily modifiable template for site development, propose and explore options
    • Alternatively, explore development of an original layout/design 
    • Decide on a path by end of day

  • Team Members:
    • Identify these resources and assets needed for your school website:
      • School colors in Hexcode
      • School colors in RGB values
      • Find/Download School Logos in high resolution/good quality 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Web Development Group Project Part 1

Hello Students,
Today you will begin our first team based web development project. Follow the steps below to build your teams and complete all documentation requested. Teams should be assembled, well defined and ready to begin development on Monday morning. Follow the Steps below carefully...

Here is the hierarchy for our groups:

  • Project Manager (your instructor)
    • Team Leads
      • Team Members with defined roles

Web Development Group Project Step 1: Choose Team Leaders

  1. Each student should nominate 3 people to be team leads
  2. Nominations should be based on not just proficiency but leadership and organizational skill
  3. Take nominations by ballot, tally nominations and announce the top 3
Web Development Group Project: Building Teams
  • To determine teams, have each remaining student identify their skill strengths in these following areas on a scale from 1-5:
    • Coding HTML5/CSS
    • Graphics, including Graphic Design
    • Problem Solving, Researching, Testing and Debugging
  • Compare scores and designate groups so each team has an evenly balanced set of skills in those 3 categories, or as close as possible
  • Teams should assemble and choose 1 row in the computer lab to sit together. Please migrate files as needed with USB drives.
Deliverable - Write a Team Bio/Dossier:
Teams should agree on the team titles/names democratically. Follow Roberts Rules of Order to nominate, vote in case of dispute. The format of this dossier can be any type, word document, google doc, pdf file, html page, etc....
  • Each team should write a short dossier with the following details:
    • Team Name (this is a code name for classroom use only)
    • Team Lead
      • Name
      • Codename
      • Age
      • List 3 skills you bring to the group related to web development
      • Define your roll on the team and how you can support in best, in what areas?
      • Describe your ideal donut in 12 words or less
    • Team Members:
      • Name
      • Codename
      • Age
      • List 3 skills you bring to the group related to web development
      • Define your roll on the team and how you can support in best, in what areas?
      • Show an example of 1 dog that looks like a celebrity (no duplicates!)
Dossier's are due on monday,

Have fun!
- Mr.W