Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thank You Web Design Class of 2012

Thank you to all my great students from this years ROP Web Design class. There were some very impressive portfolios and I look forward to seeing a few of you in my ROP Graphics class next semester.

This blog will go live again for the spring semester 2013 ROP Web Design class.

- Mr.W

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Design Contest: Design The "_________" Of The Future!

Hello Students,

Our final class exercise is a design competition.

Challenge: Your design challenge is to create the "_____" of the future. Imagine what a cell phone might look like in 10 years, or perhaps what will new automobiles look like. There is no limitation of the subject, you could even design the coffee cup of the future. Think about how products change and evolve over a very short amount of time. What did cell phones look like 10 years ago? What everyday item can you see becoming even more advanced over time? For this challenge, I as your instructor cannot aid your efforts, you must rely on each other to problem solve.

Time limit: 45 Minutes

Format: Final artwork must be displayed on screen. Artwork can be created in Photoshop or Illustrator. Artwork can be drawn by hand and scanned for reference in your digital illustration. ALL DESIGN ARTWORK MUST BE ORIGINAL or ORIGINAL PHOTO MANIPULATION.

Judgement: While student input is take into consideration for judging the finalists, the ultimate decision will be made by me. I am judging based on design originality, quality of illustration and details included with your concept. What makes your product/item futuristic? What materials are it made from? How is it powered? Is your design feasible?

Advice: Take a few moments to think of your idea, research similar products or ideas, research current "prototype" concepts already in existence, take inspiration where you can. Check out my own design for an electric sports coupe below.

Wait for my mark to begin!

BMW M1E Electric Prototype Automobile Design Concept by Seth Wilson

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Santa Cruz Seaside Company Is Hiring

The Santa Cruz Seaside company is accepting applications for employment between February and May 2012:
Students looking for employment with the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, please apply between February and May of 2012. Students can apply online at the Beach Boardwalk website. Review the FAQ's about applying and when the various jobs will open.

- Mr.W

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Assignment: Portfolio Website

Hello Students,
Your next assignment is to create a portfolio website for yourself. This is your opportunity to show off the work you have completed during this class and display the creative and technical skills you have developed. Your portfolio site must be rich in graphics and utilize the techniques from our previous web projects. You are also required to write about yourself and to complete some research and write about your possible future career path.

Portfolio Website Requirements:
• You must create a rough pencil sketch of your websites front page, points will be deducted if your results do not match your original concept. Some variation is acceptable.
• All buttons must have rollovers.
• The website must be designed with Illustrator or Photoshop and then sliced and exported to Dreamweaver.

Must have the following sections:

  • front page or main section - file must be named index.html
  • about me
  • work samples
  • resume
  • You can have other sections if you want to add, but each page must have content, text, photos, links

• Write a 1 page biography about yourself to include in the "about me" section.
• Take a photo of yourself to include in the "about me" section, this photo can be turned into an illustration with Illustrator or processed with photoshop. A camera can be provided upon request.
• Research 1 possible career you are interested in and write a 1 page paper about the career, what does it involve, what is the salary range, what kind of education do you need, how do you break into the career. Include this in your "about me" section. You can use career locker for research.
• Show your best or favorite work samples, minimum of 3. You can include work from other art, design or ROP classes. Write a 1-2 paragraph summary for each work sample.
• Include your resume, cover letter and list of references in your resume section.

Meeting the minimum requirements above does not guarantee an A+. You must put the time and energy into the project and really use it as an opportunity to shine. Include more material and content and information to guarantee a stellar grade. Must be original work that you created, create some artwork, take some photographs, make a movie, write a paper... this is your portfolio, make it shine.

Grading for total of 100 points:
20 Points - Portfolio website meets assignment specs and requirements
20 Points - Portfolio contains all sections
20 Points - Portfolio links work correctly and is error free (including spelling and grammer)
20 Points - Portfolio has no missing graphics or elements
20 Points - Portfolio turned in on time and complete

Pencil Sketch and concepts are due: Friday.
Final Portfolio site is due: Jan 24th

Check out these collections of amazing portfolio sites for inspiration:
Inkfumes - The Online Portfolio of Seth Wilson
50 Excellent Designer Portfolio Sites
50 beautiful and Creative Portfolio Designs
24 Kick A$$ Portfolio Designs

Check out these examples of web page portfolio design from previous students:

Ok, stay focused, work hard and have fun!

 - Mr.W